Meta wants to protect teenagers on Facebook and Instagram

Meta unveiled, on November 21, new protective measures for adolescents for its social networks Facebook and Instagram. In order to further protect its young users, Meta intends to limit the possibilities of coming into contact with adults and encourage them to use security features. The Californian company is also working on new solutions to promote the dissemination of intimate images of adolescents on its platforms.

There is never enough when it comes to security

Almost one after strengthened the protection of teenagers on Instagram, Meta has decided to make its two flagship platforms more secure and introduces new security features. From now on, accounts belonging to an adult ” recently blocked or reported by a minor » will be cataloged as “suspicious”. Meta is also testing the removal of the “Write” button on Instagram to prevent these accounts from contacting underage users. ” These contacts will not be included in the “You may know” recommendation list. “, specifies the press release.

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Always with the aim of protecting its young users on its social networks, Meta will further encourage the use of its security tools through notifications. The Menlo Park-based company explains that it will ” enticing teens to report accounts after blocking themand we send them notifications containing information on how to handle inappropriate messages from adults “.

Example of notifications on Instagram

Example of notifications on Instagram. Image: Meta.

Example of notifications on Facebook

Example of notifications on Facebook. Image: Meta.

In addition, Meta plans to default all new Facebook users under the age of 16 (or 18 depending on the country) to the privacy settings ensuring more effectively the protection of their private lives. ” Meta encourages teenagers already registered on the platform to use these same parameters “, underlines the group of Mark Zuckerberg.

Fight against sex chanting

In order to combat the dissemination of intimate images of minors on its platforms, Meta has decided to partner with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an American organization dealing with cases of missing and exploited children. The goal is to create a global platform for teens who are concerned that intimate images they have created will be shared on online platforms without their consent “.

Meta added work in collaboration with Thorn, a company using technology to benefit vulnerable children, and its NoFiltr brand. The two partners aim to create educational content whose purpose is reduce shame and stigma protect intimate images and to return control of their image to victims of sextortion “.

These partnerships are accompanied by an awareness campaign on Facebook called “Help protect the children”. It should allow users of the social network who share intimate images of adolescents, in order to denounce them, to become aware that their actions participate in their virality and can cause harm to victims.

Raising awareness about sharing intimate images of teenagers

One of Meta’s outreach messages. Image: Meta.

Strong positions for Meta which I hope to be seen well by the regulators. As a reminder, in December 2021, Adam Mosseri, the leader of Instagram was heard by the US Senate to show that the Meta platform works for the good of teenagers, despite revelations from whistleblower Frances Haugen.

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