Mark Gurman: new external monitors from Apple, including a new Pro Display XDR

Apple would intend to enrich its range of external screens, beyond the Pro Display XDR and the Studio Display. In his well-stocked Sunday newsletter, Mark Gurman writes that the manufacturer is working on ” several new external monitors ”, including a refresh for the XDR released in 2019 (it had been launched in the wake of the current Mac Pro).

Nevertheless, it is possible that this new very high-end screen will come out after the future Mac Pro equipped with Apple Silicon chips, which the same Gurman told us about earlier:

Mac Pro: a modular Mac, but no

Mac Pro: a modular Mac, but no “M2 Extreme” version?

The snoop of Bloomberg unfortunately does not linger much on these hallway noises but it nevertheless indicates that these new monitors would work with Apple chips, like the Studio Display (it incorporates an A13 chip). Ross Young, another well-informed analyst, had mentioned a 27-inch mini-LED model that could be a Studio Display Pro.


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