Man Hires Swiggy Genie to File Apple Store Complaint

We all know the tedious task of trying to solve a problem with online services. It takes a long time for a person to wait and try to go through customer service and brainstorm the issue with the executive. We can all understand the frustration. However, a man from Bengaluru took matters into his own hands and solved his problem in an original way. He put Swiggy into action to help him, and his plan impressed netizens.

A Twitter user named Shankar Ganesh shared the details of the incident. According to the post, a man residing in Bengaluru engaged the services of Swiggy Genie. For the uninitiated, Swiggy Genie helps its customers with pickup and delivery service requests. Some ask the genie to deliver documents, food, a laptop or even keys.

This man from Bengaluru used the Swiggy Genie service to file a complaint at an Apple Store about a product without the long wait and other formalities. The tweet read: “Someone sent a guy from Dunzo or Swiggy Genie to the Imagine Apple Store here and spoke to staff via their phone (to disable centralized call centers). Just the peak of Bengaluru things I guess”.

Check out the tweet here-

The post left many in awe as people took to the comments section to voice their opinions. One user joked about someone using this idea for their startup. It read: ‘See you next time: someone is producing this as a startup’.

Another user said, “Shows the sad state of affairs of customer service, even at the best companies!”

Another user praised the idea and wrote, “Print this, stick it on your desktop, and look at it whenever you think you’ve reached the limit of defining your product’s use cases.” .

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