MacBook Air and iPad Pro could benefit from OLED technology

According to the latest news, Apple will finally extend its iPhone display technology to more devices.

Since the arrival of Apple’s impressive OLED display technology in the Apple Watch and iPhone X, everyone has been watching for its appearance in other larger Apple devices. What could happen in 2024, if we are to believe Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. In a tweet sent to his Super Follower subscribers, Young reports that the MacBook Air and iPad Pro shipping in 2024 will be Apple’s first laptops and tablets to feature OLED displays. The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants previously reported that Apple’s displays use Samsung’s Two-Slack Tandem OLED displays, which include two emission layers (EML) of red, green and blue. The displays also support Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) technology and ProMotion variable refresh rates between 1Hz and 120Hz.

Last June, Mr. Young had already tweeted about Apple’s possible use of OLED technology in all three devices. Also in June, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple might release a 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023, one before the implementation of OLED technology. However, Ross Young’s latest report mentions a 13.3-inch OLED MacBook Air, which is smaller in size than the current MacBook Air M2, which has a 13.6-inch screen, and he’s not talking of a 15 inch model. Currently, the iPhone and Apple Watch are the only Apple devices to receive OLED displays. The MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and 11-inch iPad Pro, as well as the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini all use LED technology, while the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros and the Apple’s high-end 12.9-inch iPad Pros feature more capable, high-refresh-rate Mini-LED displays. Both OLED and mini-LED have their pros and cons, and it’s unclear whether Apple is moving to OLED for high-end MacBook Pro models as well.

The announcements from the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants have always been very relevant. Its previous reports predicting iPhone 13 Pro and MacBook Pro support for ProMotion, and increased screen sizes in the new MacBook Air and iPad mini have been found to be corrected.

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