Mac: Apple is on the podium for computer sales in Europe (and this is a first)

Mac sales are in good shape in Europe, and as at the same time the PC market is collapsing on the old continent, Apple is becoming one of the main computer sellers in the EU! If we are to believe Canalys figures, 12.8 million PCs/Macs were sold in Western Europe in Q3 2022, i.e. a drop in sales of 21.6% over one year (16 .3 million units in Q3 2021). All manufacturers are gray – Lenovo (-24.1%), Asus (-24.4%), HP (-36.9%), Dell (-18.9%) -, all except Apple whose sales at the same time accelerated by 20.4%! Result of the races, Apple ranks third among the biggest sellers of computers in Europe, and is not very far from second place. NEVER SEEN !

Apple would thus have delivered 2.3 million Macs over the period, not far from the 2.7 million PCs spent by HP. We also note that for the first time on a large world market, Mac sales are higher than sales of computers from the Texas manufacturer Dell. The Mac now accounts for 18.2% of computer sales in Western Europe. Much less surprising this time, Canalys recalls that the iPad dominates the European tablet market. Even with a 10% drop in sales (2.8 million iPads sold), the Apple tablet largely dominates the European market ahead of Samsung (1.2 million Galaxy Tab) and Lenovo (800,000 units), and even manages to grab market share (47% market share in Q3 2022 compared to 45.4% in Q3 2021) knowing that the tablet market as a whole saw its sales decrease by 13.1% over a year.

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