Lost, Google! French company the first in the world to make deliveries by drone

Lost, Google! French company the first in the world to make deliveries by drone

Google is testing one drone delivery service, but the project isn’t waning?? Still in the testing phase, the search giant is struggling with several issues, including landing in the wrong place, such as in trees, and losing the way.

Amazon is also trying to do something in this direction, but France has taken the lead. A subsidiary of the French post office already has approval from the country’s aviation regulator and will start making some deliveries using drones.


For now, deliveries, made by DPDgroup, will only take place once a week, via a fixed airline. The drone will fly between the towns of Saint-Maximin-La-Sainte-Beaume and Pourrières, in Provence, southern France.

This route was chosen because there are many technology companies in the area. Initially, deliveries will only take place to professional customers. The responsible company claims that the project is the result of two years of research that responds in collaboration with Atechsys, a French company that manufactures drones.

The world’s first drone tasked with making official deliveries can fly up to 20 kilometers with up to two kilograms of cargo. Six rotors allow it to move up to 30 km/h.

The entire journey can be followed on video, with connectivity and tracking in the event of an accident. Even if it breaks down, the drone has an automatic parachute that activates when it begins to fall, guaranteeing its integrity and that of the products transported.

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