LG TVs and Samsung tablet in UK Top 50

SEOUL, 26 Dec. (Yonhap) — Two TVs from LG Electronics Inc. have been selected as one of Britain’s Which? magazine’s 50 best products of the year, industry sources said Monday.

The South Korean tech giant’s UHD (55UQ91006LA) and OLED evo (42C24LA) TVs ranked 3rd and 11th respectively in the Top 50. They were the only South Korean-branded TVs to make it into the ranking.

For LG’s UHD TV, the UK magazine praised not only its excellent value for money but also its “ability to balance vibrancy and realism for an effect that makes it appear to be true and precise”.

About the 42-inch LG OLED evo, the magazine noted that it was the first TV of this size to feature an OLED display adding that “every frame burst with sumptuous colours”. In addition, LG Electronics was voted Best Home Entertainment Brand in “Which?” Prize” for the third consecutive year.

Samsung Electronics Co. saw its 11-inch Galaxy Tab S8, which shipped earlier this year, take sixth place in the charts. This was the only tablet to make the Top 50. “Samsung is strong on the supreme brightness and clarity of its screens and we are struck by the colors and sharpness.”

Other Samsung products like the HW-Q800B soundbar (24th), the Galaxy A33 5G smartphone (27th), the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (31st) and the RH65A5401M9/EF refrigerator (43rd) also entered the ranking.

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