John Carmack, chief developer at Meta, resigns

John Carmarck had been working on virtual reality headsets since 2013. He left Meta because he said he was disappointed.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is losing a major element of the development of its virtual reality headsets. John Carmarck, lead developer at Meta since 2013, aired on December 17. “It’s the end of my decade in virtual reality,” he announced. in a post on his Facebook account.

Despite the mixed reception of the latest Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset, John Carmack believes that “it’s a good product” but that “everything could have gone a little faster and better if different decisions had been taken”.

In the rest of his publication, the former chief developer is more virulent: “we have withheld a ridiculous amount of people and resources, we are self-sabotaging and always wasting our efforts (…) I think that our organization is operating at half efficiency.”

And to continue: “I have a voice at the highest level here, so it seems to me that I should be able to make things happen, but I’m not persuasive enough.”

Cascading resignations

However, John Carmack remains positive about the future of Meta. He believes that virtual reality will be more and more present and useful in the years to come and that Meta remains the company best placed for its development.

Now he will devote himself to his company Keen Technologies, which is working on an artificial intelligence capable of adapting to all situations without a specific algorithm.

The beginning of the year, Meta has many shows from top executives including that of Vivek Sharma, the boss of Horizon World, the metaverses of Meta or Sheryl Sandberg, the number 2 of Meta.

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