It’s still Christmas at Free with the Samsung Galaxy S22+ at a WOW price!

Merry Christmas to everyone ! Free celebrates this beautiful day of the year and promotes the superb Samsung Galaxy S22+. With Free, you will be able to leave with this little gem without paying an astronomical sum thanks to Free Flex and the Free package. We will explain everything to you !

Merry Christmas from Free: the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is at a gift price

Operation Christmas continues to be in full swing at Free! Today, you will be able to leave with the Samsung Galaxy S22+, at an exceptional price. This top-of-the-range smartphone is at the unprecedented price of €409 for purchase! when we tell you that it’s WOW at Free!

But how can one of the best smartphones of the moment be offered at such a price? This is possible thanks to the LibreFlex solution. This service exclusive to Free consists of rental purchase. You buy your Samsung smartphone at the reduced price of 409€. Then, for 24 months, you pay monthly installments. These amount to €24.99/month for two years. At any time you can decide to buy the phone. You will then have to pay all the remaining monthly payments. Otherwise, after two years, you have the choice between buying the phone permanently, in exchange for an option to buy, or returning the phone, which will then be refurbished.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S22+ at WOW price at Free

And to top it off, until January 3, Free is offering you a bonus for the trade-in of your old phone in the amount of 100€.

Which plan to Adopt for free?

To leave with the Samsung Galaxy S22+ at this price, you will subscribe to one of the Free plans: the Free 5G plan or the Free Series. Regarding their characteristics:

The Free 5G package is an unlimited 5G package displayed at €19.99/month. For this price, it includes:

  • Internet 210 GB in 5G/4G+
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS
  • Abroad, Internet 25 GB from more than 70 destinations
  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, Israel…
  • Ligue 1 Free Uber Eats included

The Free Series is offered at the price of €14.99/month and includes:

  • Internet 110 GB and 4G+
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS
  • From Europe/DOM, Internet 16 GB
  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe and DOM

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