Italy: Giorgia Meloni announces the death of one of her friends, killed in a shooting in Rome

Giorgia Meloni announced the death, this Sunday, December 11, of one of her friends, Nicoletta Golisano, killed in a shooting in the center of Rome. On Facebook, the President of the Italian Council paid tribute to this 50-year-old mother. Two other women were also killed.

She mourned the death of a friend. A 57-year-old man opened fire on Sunday, December 11, on participants in a syndic meeting in a northern district of Rome after stealing a Glock pistol from a shooting range. The shooting left three dead, all women, and four wounded.

Among the victims is Nicoletta Golisano, a 50-year-old mother and friend of Giorgia Meloni. The 50-year-old was present at the meeting in her capacity as accountant.

The shooter, Claudio Campi, had a conflicting relationship with the administrators, whom he accused of wanting to evict him from his accommodation, according to a text published last month on his blog.

On Facebook, the President of the Italian Council paid tribute to this mother of a 10-year-old boy. “Nicoletta was a protective mother, a sincere and discreet friend, a strong and fragile woman at the same time. But she was above all a professional endowed with an extraordinary sense of duty,” writes Giorgia Meloni.

“It was this sense of duty that led her there one Sunday morning, when a man was waiting to shoot her and two other women at a meeting of co-owners in Rome. Nicoletta was my friend. She leaves behind her husband Giovanni and a handsome 10-year-old boy, Lorenzo. With hers, other families, to which I express all my sympathy, have been destroyed,” she added.

Shooter apprehended by police

Giorgia Meloni also indicated that the man was apprehended by the police and that the shooting range, where the shooter had taken his weapon, was seized.

“The word justice cannot be applied to this case. Because it’s not fair to die like this,” said the President of the Italian Council.

“Nicoletta looked happy and beautiful in her red dress which she had bought for her fiftieth birthday a few weeks before. For me, she was always beautiful and happy like that. Goodbye Nico, I love you very much, ”concluded Giorgia Meloni.

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