it is held in Japan and they rent you a Pixel to photograph the stars

Google offers advanced astrophotography with its Pixel phones, which is why it’s going to rent its phones in Japan during an exclusive “Night Tour” event.

Poster of the “Night Tour” event presented by Google Pixel in Japan

Almost since the dawn of time with its family of Pixel mobiles made by Google, the Mountain View giant has always boasted of astrophotography modes and the possibility offered by its smartphones to observe the night sky without having to buy accessories or additional equipment.

Perhaps for this reason, as our friends at 9to5Google told us, the search engine company wanted to sponsor a “Night Tour” event in Japan with SoftBank through which, with the purchase of your ticket, they you will rent a Pixel mobile to watch the stars and do astrophotography from an emblematic location in the land of the rising sun.

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As iconic and important as Achi Village in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture, it has this place 1,400 meters above sea level that requires a gondola ride of about 15 minutes to reach, and is considered ” the best site in all of Japan to observe”. the stars. »

The ‘Night Tour’ event presented by Google and SoftBank is organized to celebrate the start of the observation season, from December 24, 2022 to March 26, 2023, including access to this privileged place and special packages for the first 100 book your experience, which will include locating a Pixel mobile, tripod and winter clothes to spend a few hours photographing the starry sky.

Promotional images from the ‘Night Tour presented by Google Pixel’ event

Tickets cost around $15 on average with different time periods available, and while Google hasn’t explained how users can recover photos from used location pixel phones, it’s likely that some sort of Google Drive solution will be available. in place to download them online. and always have them available.

The idea is good especially for promoting the Pixels’ Night Sight feature, although obviously it’s limited to Japan with no announcements for other Starlite certified locations in more countries… Hopefully they carry the idea to our markets!

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