iPhone 15 price: what business strategy for Apple in 2023?

Presented in 2007, the first iphone was sold at an exorbitant price (for the time) of $499.

Since then, the cost of Apple’s iconic device has steadily increased, sometimes dramatically, due to a wide range of factors, such as the addition of certain technologies and features. The American firm is also under constant pressure to develop this activity, which represents almost half of its income.

How has the price of the iPhone changed?

The latest generations of iPhones are significantly more expensive than the first models. Remember that it was necessary to pay between 679 and 899 € to afford an iPhone 5 and that it is now necessary to count between 809 and 1,839 € for an iPhone 13/13 Pro.

The new iPhone 14 even starts at €1,019 and you have to count at least €1,329 for the Pro version. As for the iPhone SE (2022) at €559, it is certainly more affordable, but its design dates back to the iPhone 6 of 2014…

What to expect with the iPhone 15?

According to the latest disclosures, the base price of the iPhone 15 should remain the same as the iPhone 14. However, the upper limit could be pushed back with the arrival an iPhone 15 Ultra even higher end that would replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Analyst Ming Chi Kuo also expects Apple to further differentiate the models in its range.

It’s no secret that phone prices have skyrocketed, new features like 5G, different cameras and folding screens are making phones more expensive, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for example starts at 1,800 €. But, despite that, iPhone 14 Pro Max in its 1 TB variant is always more expensive with a price of €2,129. Is Apple preparing to push back this border again… answer in a few months.

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