iPhone 14: the horizontal lines on the screen are not of material origin reassures Apple

iPhone 14 users, and more specifically iPhone 14 Pro Max, have recently complained about the appearance of horizontal lines on their phone screen wake we when the engine starts. The lines are different colours. For some they are yellow and for others green or white. Their number also seems to vary. According to testimonials on Reddit, “sometimes there is only one line, sometimes several. »

A bug due to the drivers

After taking their phone to an Apple Store for a diagnosticit turned out that the problem is not no material. According to an Apple support person, “it is due to the pilots”.
“This is definitely a software issue and an update should be coming soon”he adds.

Owners of iPhone 14 affected by this bug must therefore be patient and wait for the iOS update which will permanently disappear these lines. In the meantime, a simple solutions seems to work for some users. It consists of deactivating the Always on Display function, turning off the phone manually, then resetting it.

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