iPhone 14, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro… Apple still on the offensive in a context of inflation

Posted Sep 7, 2022, 8:48 PMUpdated on Sep 8, 2022 at 7:49 am

Several new iPhone models, three Apple Watches and more powerful AirPods… But above all, Apple has chosen to contain inflation. All of technology was waiting to see how the brand known for its very high-end positioning would react, even as the smartphone market has been falling for several quarters.

Finally, the number 2 on the market with 16% of the parts (ahead of 22% for Samsung) lowers the price of its new iPhones 14 and 14 Plus by 100 dollars compared to the iPhone 13 and 13 Plus, while adding new new features. On the other, the high-end iPhone Pro models remain at the same prices, even as they are enriched with new functions. Apple therefore chose not to pass inflation on to its customers. However, with the rise in the value of the dollar against the euro, European consumers will pay for their new Apple smartphones at an unprecedented price, starting at 1,019 euros for the basic model and 1,329 euros for the iPhone Pro.

iPhone Pro reinvented

The new iPhone range was the star of this event. But it is above all the iPhone Pro, the most expensive, which have provided the latest innovations. These two models will now display information on the locked screen, on the Apple Watch model, the Californian group’s connected watch.

The lock screen stays on all the time, with low brightness. The weather application, calendars and stock quotes for certain stocks, for example, can be displayed on this screen. Under the hood, these two models will benefit from more efficient A16 chips. The other laptop models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone Max, will continue to use the A15 chips.

The Californian group also announced improvements to two cameras on its iPhone Pro, one of which is located on the front and the other on the back of the laptop. The space dedicated to the camera on the screens has been significantly reduced. The group also showed a new dynamic display, where information is housed on either side of the opening dedicated to the camera.

Even though the new iPhone 14 models differ little from the last generation, analysts believe that Apple is well-positioned to take advantage of global smartphone demand even if it contracts with economic conditions. Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, estimates that 240 million iPhone users haven’t changed their laptop in three and a half years. The company should easily surpass the 220 million mark in laptop sales next year, he said.

Three new Apple Watches

Apple’s back-to-school conference opened with its new Apple Watch range. The Californian group has unveiled three new models: a new generation connected watch, called “Series 8”, a new Apple Watch SE, the cheapest, as well as a more resistant watch, suitable for extreme sports.

It unveiled new features related to health and crashes. The new Apple Watch Series 8 will, for example, allow women to take their temperature overnight to assess, a posteriori, when they ovulated. A useful feature for couples looking to nominate. The Cupertino-based group has also developed software to detect car accidents and call for help automatically.

The more robust Apple Watch Ultra aims to meet the demands of sports enthusiasts, but it could appeal to a larger number of consumers. “With an aggressive price tag of $799 – about $200 less than I expected – Apple is well positioned to compete directly with Garmin,” commented segment leader Thomas Husson, an analyst at Forrester.

New AirPods

Last year, Apple unveiled new, more efficient AirPods models. This year, the company led by Tim Cook presented new AirPods Pro, its top model.

These allow in particular a better sound quality and make it possible to cancel out external noise more effectively. Their autonomy is now six hours, when the sound cancellation function is activated. These new headphones will retail for $249, like those in the previous lineup.

Neither Mac nor virtual reality headset

The company headed by Tim Cook is also working on a new series of Macs, its laptop, according to the American agency. These will use the latest chip designed by Apple, called “M2”. But these computers have not yet been unveiled. Likewise, Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset could be presented in the coming months. But this product, totally new for Apple, should benefit from a dedicated event.

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