iPad OLED: Samsung puts Apple first

Even if the iPad OLED should not see the light of day before 2024, Samsung Display – which is expected to be the main supplier – would have changed strategy in order to focus on the tiles of future tablets.

The South Korean firm indeed planned to postpone the investments on other projects, in particular that which it shared with the Japanese Ulvac. The future would therefore be on the iPad OLED. As a reminder, the iPad Pro M2 have an LED screen (for the 11) and mini LED (for the 12.9).

Compared to this latest technology, the OLED screens that Cupertino planned to use, would feature a hybrid structure that would superimpose two sofas of OLED (red, green and blue) instead of just one. The latter will double the brightness levels and quadruple the life of the panel. More energy efficient, OLED screens could help extend battery life.

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