iOS 16.2: Apple limits AirDrop sharing to 10 minutes worldwide, not just in China

The final version of iOS 16.2 limits AirDrop sharing to 10 minutes for everyone, for all users. This unexpected novelty had been implemented a few weeks ago through a beta of this update, but only for China. Apple explained that this was to limit the sharing of unsolicited content. AirDrop greatly facilitates harassment on public transport, for example.

Chinese authorities have allegedly pressured Apple to obtain this timer. Until now, there was no time limit with AirDrop for everyone. But it turns out that AirDrop is used by many protesters in China to quickly and discreetly exchange all kinds of information… Tim Cook was also very badly taken when he opposed an embarrassed silence to awkward questions of a journalist about it.

Tim Cook not responding to marriage charges

Tim Cook won’t respond to accusations related to AirDrop clampdown in China

To get out of this trap, Apple quickly announced that marriage would be generalized to the whole world, but it was not expected that it would be so soon.

How do you assess the situation of

How do you judge the situation of Apple in China?


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