iOS 16.2 and HomeKit: Apple withdraws the new architecture of the Home app

One of the novelties of iOS 16.2 is the implementation of a new architecture for the Home application, but Apple has decided to withdraw the option. This follows user issues with HomeKit-enabled products.

Upgrading the Home app architecture requires all devices to be updated to the latest version of the operating system. Many users have therefore not yet taken the plunge, but those who have reported problems. Some people say their HomeKit devices got stuck in the “updating” or “configuring” state, while others reported that their accessories just disappeared from the Home app. There are also cases with people no longer being able to share with other users. Also, sometimes HomeKit Secure Video no longer records anything.

According to MacRumors, many users who have installed iOS 16.2 no longer have the option to upgrade to the new Home app architecture. This appears to be being retired because the option still appears on one of our devices. But Apple has not yet communicated publicly on the subject.

The final version of iOS 16.2 (and iPadOS 16.2) has been available since December 13. Apple did not react to the various problems encountered by users.

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