If you like movies and video games, Samsung’s very versatile Neo Qled is under €900

[Deal du Jour] Samsung offers new televisions, with the Neo QLED range. They offer excellent image quality and rendered performance. Their versatility is clearly an asset if you’re looking for a TV for movie nights and video game sessions.

What is the promotion on this Samsung TV?

Samsung’s 55-inch 55QN85B 4K Neo QLED TV is normally found around €1,100. It is currently priced at €899 on Rakuten. In addition, if you enter the code RAKUTEN15 in the basket, a reduction of 15 € applies. The price of the television thus increases to 884 €.

What is this Samsung Neo QLED TV?

This 2022 Neo QLED TV model offers a minimalist design with very thin edges. Its discreet look allows it to easily find a place in a living room, without attracting everyone’s attention. Behind the name Neo QLED, there is a technology from Samsung that combines mini-LED backlighting and QLED technology. In fact, Neo QLED technology simply offers higher contrast and brightness. Quantum Matrix technology is used to push detail, both in dark scenes and in brighter passages. Basically, better backlight management.

Concretely, few changes with the already existing QLED technology, except for a slight improvement in contrast, as well as a very high brightness. Upscaling is part of it and is responsible for converting the definition of the content viewed to 4K.

The Neo QLED range has a nice design // Source: Samsung

Is this Neo QLED TV a bargain?

It’s an excellent deal at less than 900 €. This 4K TV supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG formats. Samsung obliges, you will have to give up Dolby Vision, still absent subscribers from the Korean brand. On the performance side, the refresh rate goes up to 120 Hz, coupled with a response rate of 5.8 ms. For gamers on a next-gen console, this 55QN85B TV offers extremely fluid images for an excellent gaming experience.

For total immersion, the multidimensional sound, broadcast by the speakers placed all around the television, reproduces the sound environment of the heart of the action. The result is quite stunning and the speakers can replace a soundbar, if you’re not too fussy about the audio.

Finally, the TizenOS home operating system accompanies this television. Tizen takes care of turning your TV and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa to control it by voice. SVOD applications and services such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ are present. Everything runs very well and even if it’s not the best OS available on TV, Tizen is rather ergonomic overall.

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