I won’t come back again, then he will delete the post on Facebook

“Never again in Switzerland” after the buses. In a seven-minute video that garnered thousands of views in a very short time, Sgarbi thundered against customs officers. The video was later deleted.

winner Not polite On the Swiss side, it was fined at the customs of Chiasso-Brogeda. The critic and politician was in Switzerland after returning from the Locarno film festival last weekend. Here’s what happened: According to La Provincia reports, the “arrest” was ordered by four cantonal officers, along with a request to “stay in the car.” The art critic later took to Facebook and said he would never go to Switzerland again, but the video was later deleted.

detailed video

Vittorio Sgarbi in yesterday’s video, later removed from Facebook

“Never again in Switzerland,” Vittorio Sgarbi thundered yesterday on Facebook. A seven-minute video that quickly garnered thousands of views and was later deleted. But why should Vittorio Sgarbi have been fined? Sgarbi’s driver would have activated the flashing light a few meters before the Ticino pass. This would have alerted the customs officers who would have ordered the arrest and controls. The case ended with a fine of 500 euros: “On Ticino police cars it is written: ‘For a safer and more welcoming Ticino. Safer perhaps. No more inviting. I will never come back to Switzerland, never again. » The video then disappeared from Facebook.

The story of Evelina Sgarbi

It’s recent history, less hard to digest that of Evelina Sgarbi, daughter of Vittorio who rejected Big Brother Vip. This angered the father, who would have preferred to put up with it, unlike the fans of the volcano critic, who rather appreciated his daughter’s choice. Sgarbi then explained:

Vittorio Sgarbi receives a mega tapir at 70: “I wanted to land mughini, then I stopped”

After her big refusal, they all attacked me as if I was the greedy and she was the noble. I wasn’t happy with his choice because I wanted him to think about an opportunity he didn’t want to take. We talked about it. You supported his decision. In this opposition, she does not see me as an antagonist. She wrote to me, “I thought I was proud of the way you were doing. I would never put up with a dad who didn’t have poses.

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