“I paid €26.4 for 60 Kwh” with my Megane E-Tech, a user testifies

In France, at the end of December 2022, there are more than 2,600 charging stations covering the entire territory. Electra with a network of 134 stations in France is now the 5th charging network with a network open to all electric vehicles. The Electra network specializes in the deployment of ultra-fast Hubs in large cities with a unique user experience.

Putting the Electra network in perspective compared to the Superchargers networks

“We are delighted to open the first ultra-fast underground charging hub in Paris with the Indigo group. A double bet that is delivered to our hearts. We are aware of the issues around fast networking in urban and peri-urban areas, which oppose the lack of fast charging. And these stations installed in Indigo car parks are strategic in the development of the first fast charging network in the Paris region that we operate at Electra.”Explain Aurélien de Meaux, CEO of Electra.

Keops, one of our loyal member of the Tesla Mag forum, shared his charging experience with his Megane E-Tech. For the first time in France, a user shares his reload export. This gives you a precise idea of ​​the costs to charge your next electric car at the new Indigo Electra station located at level -1 – Parking INDIGO Paris Porte d’Italie, 18/20 avenue de la Porte d’Italie, 75013 Paris.

Install a charging station at lightning speed with a local installer!

Thanks to a simplified customer journey via the Electra application, the user of the station will be able to reserve his terminal remotely, recharge his vehicle and pay for his electricity consumption and parking via the Electra application, a recharging application or a bank card. . All for a readable and competitive price of €0.44/kWh including tax.

What is Electra’s vision?

“I have never paid more than €30 to fully charge my Megane E-Tech”

Rather simple as operation, we confirm the user of the Megane E-Tech: ” It works great. Good with a CCS up to 150 kW it’s very fast and cheap compared to what I paid in gasoline with my BMW 2 Series″ He stayed on site for a maximum of 20 minutes each time.

This user wanted to share his export to show that the price remains fixed at €0.44/kWh throughout the charge and that he never remained in charge for more than 45 minutes. And that he paid between €1 and €30 per recharge on the Electra network.

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