“I paid €20 for 50 Kwh” with my Tesla Model Y, a user testifies

In France, at the end of December 2022, there are more than 2,600 charging stations covering the entire territory. Tesla with a network of 120 stations in France has now opened more than 40% of its network to all electric vehicles following the start of a pilot process which started on January 31, 2022.

For the first time, a large retailer has decided to infect a network of charging stations in Lidl car parks, the openings of these “Lidl E-stations” are progressive. The first charged E-station in France is the charging station located in Villefranche-sur-saône. After an initial phase of experimentation and the opening of the first four E-stations, Lidl should extend its network very soon throughout France.

How to charge a Tesla Model Y in a Lidl E-station?

Vipo69, one of our loyal member of the Tesla Mag forum shared with us his charging experience on an E-station with his Tesla Model Y. For the first time in France, a user shares his charging export. This gives you an accurate idea of ​​the costs to charge your next electric car on the Lidl E-station network. He experimented with the system in Vélizy, in the Paris region.

To charge less expensively, you will need to install a charging station at your home or at the headquarters of your company. It is a recommended solution throughout the year. To help you find the best partner, you can use the form below. Our approach is local and without intermediary. The assurance of finding a professional who will be able to meet your needs in a temporary recording.

Would you then like to install a terminal or a charging station?

Using your recharging badge or a QR code, access to the terminals of the Lidl E-station network is carried out with the usual largely controlled recharging procedures. To do this, you must first register from your smartphone with a top-up application that can send you a physical card and fill in your bank details. Once the registration is done, it is once again the application that “drives” the activation of the terminal. All you have to do is connect your car to one of the terminals, then enter the reference in the application to start charging.

“I have never paid more than €20 to fully charge my Tesla Model Y”

Rather simple as operation, we confirm the user of the Tesla Model Y: ” It works great. Good with a CCS up to 150 kW it’s very fast and cheap compared to what I paid in gasoline with my Audi A1″ He stayed there for a maximum of 15 minutes each time.

This user wants to share his export to show that the prices vary but that they are always between 0.40€/kWh and 0.44€/kWh used, he admits to owning several applications and charging cards. And that he paid between €1 and €30 per recharge on the Lidl E-station network.

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