I paid €14.63 to charge my Tesla Model Y

There are nearly 1,500 Superchargers spread over 120 stations in France. It is the most developed charging network in the country. This is a boon for Tesla owners as well as other vehicle brands following the opening of the network to competitors.

If electric has proven to be the best replacement for thermal, the seesaw changes in the cost of charging at Tesla terminals lead one to believe the opposite. To find out for sure, one of our loyal members of the Tesla Mag forum decided to give us some feedback on the Superchargers Tesla with wires Y-model newly acquired.

After my purchase, recharging with these famous super fast charging stations was one of my goals. On board a You’re here, there is nothing easier to find a Supercharger. Just look on the infotainment system of the car, all nearby stations are visible on a map. You can also use the manufacturer’s mobile application to search for stations and make payments during your recharges.

To start charging, all you have to do is connect the charging cable from the Tesla terminal to your vehicle’s charging port.

It should be noted that if you do not have a Tesla vehicle, you must have the mobile application after having previously created an account and provided your bank details to be able to use the Superchargers.

I took half an hour to fill up

Being a new Tesla owner, I followed all the recommendations to the letter, namely: it is not necessary to charge a battery 80% full and it is preferable that it goes down to 20% for the charger. For my case, I was at 25% and I took 33 minutes to fill up to 100%. 80% should be enough, but I was planning to go on the road. In short, the charge lasted the time of my breakfast, for information, it was done from 8:40 a.m. to 9:13 a.m.

I paid 14€63 for a full tank of my Tesla Model Y

As a reminder, the price of Tesla Superchargers rose crescendo to 67 cents/kWh last September. Fortunately, this trend has returned slightly downwards for much more comfortable costs with rates oscillating between €0.59/kWh and €0.66/kWh. For 100% ma charger Tesla Model YI paid €14.63 for 43.05 kWh.

Admittedly, I stayed much longer than a full tank in a gasoline car, but the savings are not negligible. Moreover, if we count the time that we lose in the waiting files these last months, I lose practically nothing.

Charging points and battery life electric vehicles have always been the main reasons that pushed me away from electric cars. However, being a real technology fanatic myself, added to the constant rise in fuel prices, electric has become a need more than a desire. Once you get into the habit of preparing your trip based on charging stations, you don’t even think about it anymore, because Tesla Superchargers are almost everywhere.

In short, I paid €14.63 to fill up my carand I have never been so happy to pay so little.

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