Huawei unveils Vision Glass, screen glasses that simulate a 120-inch panel

The Vison Glass reminds us of that distant time when Sony released the HMZ on the market, a “display” headset that already allowed you to enjoy your favorite films on a giant “simulated” screen. The principle has remained the same, but the design has been refined and lightened (112 grams) while the screen resolution has been increased. Under these tech glasses, the user can thus take advantage of a 120-inch panel, simulated here via two 0.49-inch micro OLED screens (1,080 x 1,920 pixels, 60 Hz). The FoV remains very limited (barely 41°), but we must not lose sight (hum…) that the objective here remains to view media content, not to immerse oneself in a VR world.

Brightness is 480 nits (adjustable in 5 levels) and colors are 90% DCI-P3 compliant. The so-called “open” audio technology is rather original since it allows the sound of the media to be heard clearly without the need to wear headphones… and without the neighborhood being able to hear anything (unlike Meta Quest 2 for example, do not distinctly hear the sound coming out of the internal speakers). The Vision Glass is a passive device and therefore needs a smartphone to operate. It is indeed the smartphone attached to the Vision Glass which provides the latter with sound and image. The Vision Glass is available for sale in China at a price of 2,999 yuan (about 405 €). It seems unlikely a priori that Huawei will decide on an international launch.

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