Huawei showcases its all-optical rail transportation network solutions

Huawei recently introduced several all-optical railway transport network solutions, including the next-generation urban railway transport solution, cloud optical network for urban railways, as well as the all-optical railway backbone network solution.

Considering the network requirements and challenges in the era of urban railway cloud, Huawei offers a next-generation urban railway carrier network solution: the optical cloud network for urban railwayssaid Huawei’s press release.

Xiong Xianyin, Technical Director for Rail Industry of Huawei Aviation & Rail BU, said that cloud optical network solution for urban railways features high bandwidth, low latency, high security and high reliability.

According to the company, this builds a network that supports the sustainable development of smart city railways and better supports the construction of smart city railways based on cloud architecture.

Huawei’s cloud-based optical network solution for city railways has the following features:

  • Ultra-wideband driving : Gray light and colored light coexist in a single grating, an innovation that supports flexible grating capacity expansion on demand through wavelength extension. Supported bandwidth can seamlessly scale from 100G to 200G, and even beyond 300G. A single device set and single fiber pair can meet scalability requirements over the next decade .
  • Very low latency : Cloud-based services use single-wavelength 10G transmission to the control center in a single pass, eliminating transmission latency from intermediate nodes. End-to-end latency is less than 1ms, ensuring a quality service experience.
  • Secure operations : Service systems are physically isolated from each other end-to-end, and each service has a dedicated physical channel, ensuring security.

Huawei provides the railway optical backbone network solution based on NHP (native hard pipe) technology, and develops a reliable and future-proof transmission network for intelligent railways. The solution has the following characteristics:

  • Physical isolation : it inherits the SDH characteristics and promotes a sustainable evolution towards the fifth generation OTN OSU hard pipe technology. It provides 100% physical isolation from the main services to guarantee their total security.
  • Seamless evolution : This solution supports multi-service convergence platform and can support GSM-R and FRMCS wireless communication technologies, ensuring seamless evolution of train control networks.
  • Simplified O&M : the management platform of this solution inherits the habits of O&M SDH. O&M teams can directly reuse this platform.

Huawei’s all-optical network aims to establish a secure, reliable, and constantly evolving all-optical foundation for rail transportation, providing fundamental network assurance for digital and intelligent rail transportation.

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