How to sync your Huawei watch with Strava?

Huawei has often been criticized for its closed ecosystem, especially vis-à-vis its connected watches. In response to this, the Chinese brand redoubled its efforts and created Strava. Discover in this post how to synchronize your Huawei product with Strava.

The lack of third-party integrations has often been a source of dissatisfaction for smartwatch users. The Chinese brand Huawei has not been spared by this phenomenon. Wishing to provide an optimal experience to its users, the company has taken these comments into consideration.

To counter this, Huawei Watches have Strava, referred to as the newest integration. If sometimes the system was needed with additional applications, Strava facilitates all actions.

But why is Strava so important for Huawei smartwatches? Rather designated for active people as well as for sportsmen, watches were however very limited until recently, since users could not take advantage of its features.

Also, there was little point in using Huawei Health, as Huawei’s closed ecosystem made it impossible to sync data elsewhere. So, if you’re looking to sync your Huawei watch with Strava and take advantage of its capabilities, find out everything there is to know in this post.

Huawei Strava Watch

How to connect your Huawei watch and Strava?

To be able to connect your Huawei watch and Strava, there are some prerequisites to achieve. First, open the “Huawei Health” app on your smartphone. Then, go to the “Me” tab and head to “Data Sharing and Authorization”.

Once inside the block, note “Strava” and log in to your account. Once these steps have been completed, your accounts will be automatically linked. All of your physical sessions will now be synced with Strava.

Which Huawei watches does Strava work on?

Basically, Starva will work no matter which Huawei smartwatch model you use. Indeed, the integration is only carried out between Starva and the “Huawei Health” application. So whether you have an older model or the latest Huawei Watch Fit 2 or the GT 3 Pro, it will sync. All you have to do is get started with your workouts and as long as your smartwatch is synced to Huawei Health, you’re good to go.

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