how to set hourly Taptic Chime alerts

A lesser-known Apple Watch feature is the ability to add hourly Taptic chimes to the wearable. The handy feature works in silent or ring mode and includes a few customization options. Here’s how to enable hourly chimes on Apple Watch.

Taptic Chimes adds a whimsical way to be more in tune with the time. In addition to being able to set chimes at the top of the hour, you can choose to receive alerts every 30 or 15 minutes on your Apple Watch.

Although the feature is excluded an accessibility option, it can be useful for everyone. In addition to the Chimes, Half-Hour, or Quarter-Hour timings, you can also choose between two sounds — Bells or Birds — that play when your Apple Watch is set to ring.

How to Get Chime Schedules on Apple Watch

  1. Open the App settings on your Apple Watch
  2. Swipe down and tap Accessibility
  3. Swipe down again and choose Carillon
  4. Press the to fall over at the top
  5. Under Schedule, choose Hourly, 30 minutesor 15 minutes
  6. Under Sounds you can choose between bells or Birds (Make sure your watch is enough to ring if you hear snippets of each)

You can also activate iPhone chimes with Apple Watch app > Accessibility > Chimes.

Here’s what the process looks like to enable hourly chimes on Apple Watch:

After activating the chimes, choose the time interval you prefer and the sound you prefer.

Hourly Chimes on Apple Watch 2

If you have your Apple Watch in silent mode, you get the chime in the form of a few gentle haptic taps.

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