How to display the secret chihuahua of Samsung smartphones?

Manufacturers have always taken pleasure in “hide” certain products logos or certain messages in their. This can take the form of a physical easter egg, like the Masterchief riding a Microsoft scorpion on the Xbox One X motherboard, but engineers can also have fun hiding a little secret like “software“. On TikTok, a recent video has confirmed that all Samsung smartphones are home to a secret, namely… a little chihuahua.

A chihuahua in every Samsung smartphone?

Indeed, each Samsung Galaxy smartphone hosts the photo of a small chihuahua, which is invisible to ordinary mortals, since it does not appear in the gallery, nor even in the memory of the smartphone. To find out, you have to go to the “Diagnosis” mode of the smartphone, by performing a combination of very specific keys.


For the past few days, many Samsung smartphone users have been wondering about the reason for this photo. Who owns this little dog? Why is it hidden on all Samsung phones? If this is a test image, why is the quality so bad? Indeed, not only is the original photo stretched to display in full screen, but the quality of the latter is quite relative, and far from current standards. Questions to which Samsung has not yet provided answers.

How to make the chihuahua appear on your smartphone

To check if your Samsung smartphone also has this amazing photo of a little chihuahua on it, just perform a few very simple operations to open the mode. Diagnostic. Open the Phone app, then dial *#0*# on the keypad.

From then on, a menu will appear on the screen with various icons, allowing in particular to test certain functionalities at the level of the display, the touch screen… In our specific case, it will be necessary to validate the command “Sensor“. From then on, the screen will display various information, but it will simply be necessary to validate the command “Image test” at the top of the screen, and in front of your amazed eyes, will appear this amazing chihuahua.

The manipulation seems to work on very many Samsung Galaxy in circulation, including the very recent Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22. We are now waiting to find out what is the meaning / usefulness of this little chihuahua on board the Korean giant’s smartphones. Samsung Singapore simply stated: “the dog came out of the bag“, without giving further details. Mystery then.

Finally, it is good to specify that if you are blocked on the screen of Diagnosticdon’t panic, just double tap the key Return to exit the menu, and return to the classic interface of your smartphone.

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