here are the best extensions of 2022, according to Google

As the end of the year approaches, Google has unveiled the list of the best Chrome extensions in 2022. These extensions are used for productivity, concentration, learning or entertainment.

As the end of the year approaches, many tech giants are sharing their assessments of the past year. We think in particular of TikTok which unveiled the most viral videos of 2022 or Spotify which announced the most listened to songs of the year. For its part, Google shared best chrome extensions. Whether for productivity, concentration, learning or entertainment, these extensions are used to facilitate navigation on the browser.

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The best Chrome extensions weren’t chosen based on their popularity and number of downloads. They were actually selected based on Google’s preferences. The Mountain View giant has actually made it clear that these are its ” favorite Chrome extensions of the year that inspired joy, helped us learn, and kept us productive “. There are 12 expansions in total. They are divided into the following categories: productivity, concentration, learning and entertainment.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

These extensions serve to improve your productivity on the browser to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Tango : this extension automatically generates tutorials with cropped screenshots.
  • SwiftRead : it allows you to read two to three times faster using the same visual technique as the fastest readers in the world.
  • LINING : it’s a personalized research assistant to organize important information more easily.
  • Dial the AI : this extension completes your sentences with artificial intelligence to help you write faster.
  • VisBug : an open-source tool to easily modify the layout of web pages.
  • Check US Visa Slots : only intended for Indian users, this extension allows you to know the latest availabilities of appointments to obtain an American visa.

Best Chrome Extensions for Focus

These extensions allow you to improve your browser focus by optimizing tabs, organizing workspaces, and more.

  • Workona Tab Manager : this extension allows you to manage your open tabs, organize your projects and create workspaces.
  • CrxMouse Chrome Gestures : it allows you to navigate even faster with navigation shortcuts.

Best Chrome Extensions for Learning

These extensions translate learning for both students and teachers around the world.

  • equation : you can easily create mathematical equations, formulas and quizzes on computer.
  • MyBib: Free Citation Generator : this extension automatically generates citations and bibliographies for students.

Best Chrome Extensions for Entertainment

These extensions are entertainment oriented. They are more particularly aimed at video games and the viewing of series and films online.

  • eJOY : this extension allows you to learn a new language by watching series and movies with subtitles in two different languages.
  • RoPro : Dedicated to Roblox players, this expansion adds several dozen features to the game.

Source: Google

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