Google unveils its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022

Google has published a blog post revealing its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022. You might pick up some ideas there.

The best Chrome extensions in 2022 according to Google // Source: Google

Do you use a lot of extensions in your browser? If your answer is “Nope», you are missing out on a marvelous world capable of improving your daily life. There are thousands of extensions for almost as many additional features to add to your browser. Problem: the Chrome Web Store is quite disparate (much like the Google Play Store) and finding what you’re looking for is not easy.

Each year, Google therefore offers its TOP of the best extensions of the year and it’s time to draw up the list for 2022.

The best Chrome extensions of 2022 according to Google


The first extension cited by Google is Tango. Already present in the TOP of 2021, this extension makes it possible to automatically generate procedures to follow. Start recording, perform a manipulation and Tango takes care of listing the different steps with suitable screenshots.



is an extension that allows using the RSVP method (Rapid serial visual presentation) over a text to display it word by word at a predefined pace. As our eyes remain fixed, this method makes it possible to read two to three times faster. Convenient for those who do not have time to swallow long documentation or endless Wikipedia pages.



is a must-have for students as well as those who work on large files using several websites as a source. As its name suggests, this extension allows you to highlight text, but also to save and organize it. Small bonus: you can also save an image or a capture from a video.

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Dial the AI

Been to ChatGPT? Compose AI relies on the same principle to produce text for you. This extension responds to emails in one click, completes your sentences for you and can even rephrase parts of them. What save precious time … if you write a lot in English of course, the extension is only available in the language of Shakespear.

Workona Tab Manager

Surely the best extension of this selection. Workona Tab Manager is a tab manager for creating workspaces dedicated to specific projects. Coupled with keyboard shortcuts, this allows us to perfectly segment our tasks, but also to synchronize them on all our devices. Bonus point: the tabs put in the background no longer consume your very expensive RAM that Google Chrome likes to nibble on so much.

CrxMouse Chrome Gestures

Still in productivity, CrxMouse Chrome Gestures allows you to create custom shortcuts on your mouse. The possibilities are very numerous! In a few clicks, you will have configured gestures allowing you to open your favorite pages – like Frandroid – in one movement, or to close all your tabs at once.

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We continue with RoPro, an extension designed for Roblox players. It adds dozens of features under different third parties: one free, the other paid. The feature list is available at



is a practical extension for those wishing to learn English in a fun way. The application will allow you to watch your favorite series with double subtitles, in English and in your language, in order to better understand the dialogues. And in case of doubt, a dictionary is integrated directly into your browser.


More niche, Equatio is mainly aimed at students who have to write complex mathematical formulas. Dictate your equation or write it by hand and Equatio will digitize it.


Finally, MyBib allows you to automatically generate bibliographies and citations as you browse.

And you, what are your favorite extensions?

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