Google Manifest Update: What’s Changing for Your Ad Blocker

Many Internet users are proficient in ad blocker software, or adblockers, to optimize their browsing experience. If you are one of them, discover the changes that could soon occur on your browser, and the solutions at your disposal to continue enjoying the web without ads.

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Google Manifest Update: What's Changing for Your Ad Blocker
Google Manifest Update: What’s Changing for Your Ad Blocker

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What is Manifest V3?

google Manifest is an API (or application programming interface) that determines, among other things, how extensions do not work and how they can interact with your web browser.

From January 2023, the V3 manifesto will be implemented and will replace the V2. This change implies different consequences, in particular concerning the extensions in charge of blocking advertisements.

This new version will indeed offer Google more control over the operation of the extensions: the American firm will thus be able to impose new rules concerning the creation and execution of these programs and to authorize or not certain modifications restricted to your browser.

This update not only concerns users of Google Chrome, but also those of Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge, all these browsers being based on the same technology to function.

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How will this update impact my ad blocker?

The new version of the Manifest API will force ad blocking extensions to create a curated list of domains to block, instead of automatically blocking a set of web requests as is currently the case. In addition, it will cap the resources used by adblockers to function properly.

In other words, Manifest V3 may severely limit the effectiveness of these apps against loading pop-up ads. A change which may seem surprising, but which is not so much if we take into account the importance for Google of the income generated by these advertisements.

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How do I continue to enjoy ad-free browsing?

While this update may negatively impact a large number of browser extensions, good news: there are other solutions to ensure safe and ad-free browsing.

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