Google makes a weird choice

The rate at which major browser updates are released Google Chrome will change, but not necessarily for everyone. Currently, it is based on a stable new build (no maintenance) every four weeks.

From version 110 of Google Chrome, some users will be entitled to a new version of the browser a week before the others. Taking the case of the Google Chrome 110 release schedule, the rollout will take place on February 7, 2023 for the majority of users, starting on February 1uh February for a fringe of them.

This change is part of the introduction of a channel Steady start which precedes the Stable channel. Upstream, it is still the entry into the Beta channel which will take place on January 12, 2023 for Google Chrome 110.

An anticipated stable release

The deployment of the Early Stable version of Google Chrome will only concern a ” small number of users. “No more precision for the moment and without knowing if there will be the possibility of refusing to receive an Early Stable version.

We will have the possibility to check the version (note: the stable version) before it is released to all our users. If a major problem is discovered, it may be then resolved that the impact is relatively low “, justifies Google.

Google’s argument may be heard, but some users will not necessarily appreciate being forced into a test. Especially since there is already the Beta channel to eliminate bugs and problems.

Details to come

For developers, who are more concerned with the Beta, Google assures that the change with the introduction of the Early Stable channel will have little impact. Further details will be communicated.

In particular, it will be necessary to see if users selected for the Early Stable version will be permanently selected and how Google will make its choice.


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