Google Lens will soon be able to decipher the writing of doctors…

The Google Lens app uses image recognition for element analyzer of everyday life. For example, it can detect the password of an internet router and then enter it in the phone settings or even scan the front of a restaurant, translate a text… and soon, it will also be able to decipher doctors’ handwriting.

A tool to scan prescriptions

Google works with doctors and pharmacists for the application to be able to understand prescriptions. In a press release, the American firm explains that it will beassistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents“. The aim is to enableto increase the number of people present in the loop, such as pharmacists, but no decision will be made solely on the basis of the results provided by this technology“.

The announcement came at a conference in India, which has the most app users. Google hasn’t said when this feature will be rolling out. for the general public, it is therefore necessary to be patient and immerse yourself for the moment in the skin of Champollion.


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