Google Contacts gains in readability with this very practical new tab

The Google Contacts application gets the addition of a new tab. This allows you to see favorite and recently added contacts in priority.

Google Contacts goes Material You on Android 11

Google apps regularly get handy little additions here and there. Google Contacts is no exception. The Californian giant’s directory application now benefits from a third tab. Selection“.

Located between the Contacts tab, which sees all your pre-saved contacts on your smartphone scroll through, and the Fix and repair tab, which invites you to various improvements to your contact list, you can already find it by launching the application, at least on the Google Pixel 7 Pro used by yours truly.

It is convenient

First observation: this novelty seems rather well made and does not seem to seek too much to complicate things when they can be simple. Below the search bar, you find your favorite contacts followed by a “Recent“. This one wants to benefit from a setting that allows you to decide whether you see the contacts whose card you have recently consulted or those who have been added recently.

As pointed out9to5Googlethis new view has the merit of taking the application out of its “infinite scrolling listwith a more inviting grid look. We would see this tab becoming the main entry into the application.

On the other hand, it should also be recognized that the more the application will integrate tabs, the more it will be able to scare the neophyte while giving off a slightly loaded impression. To see for example if the Correct and repair tab should not insert a sub-menu of the parameters for example, given that we do not see ourselves opening it every four mornings.

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