Google announces message encryption for Gmail, yes, but…

To benefit from end-to-end encryption, the users and companies concerned will have to use external key management software to generate the encryption.

A new “Additional encryption” button will appear in the message composition window. With one click, the content of the email will be fully encrypted and Google will not be able to read the information contained or the attachments. Only the message header, namely the timestamp, the list of recipients and the subject will be accessible in clear text. Encryption will take place in the browser.

Google seems to want to make some efforts to protect the privacy of its customers, but this strategy, a priori more virtuous, is also allowed by the new data collection model put in place by the brand. Google no longer needs to scan e-mails to find information, and now focuses on needs related to consumption habits, such as hours of use of e-mail or devices used. The data crossed with that of other services, such as Google Maps, or Chrome, the American firm is now able to establish a complete and precise advertising profile, which uses less personal data.

Users wanted by this new option still have until January 20, 2023 to register for the beta offered by the search giant.

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