Games in Microsoft Teams?

Lonely (card game), Connect 4 (Power 4) or even Wordament (letter game). These are games that Microsoft has started testing internally in its Teams solution, according to information from The Verge which cites anonymous sources.

Such and other games would aim to ” allow co-workers to play against each other during meetings. “An idea that may appear absurd when placing the cursor in terms of productivity.

In this case, these are casual or general public games – the famous occasional games – which would be likely to help improve the well-being of employees, for example. It is in any case an aspect that Microsoft does not hide to take into account.

Nothing acquired for the moment

However, there is no official confirmation from Microsoft and the test with games may not have a future in Teams, without going further than internal experimentation.

The Verge indicates that Microsoft is also considering virtual spaces in Teams in which employees could engage in social network-type activities. Would the game be a component? These virtual spaces would fit into Microsoft’s metaverse vision.

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