From €48,490 but not for long

Tesla is making an end-of-year offer on its vehicles in stock, you can acquire a white Tesla Model 3 propulsion at €48,490 instead of €53,490, i.e. €5,000 reduction and immediate availability!

It is certainly a nice Christmas gift for people who want to go electric and who were missing a little argument. Of course, at this price you will have to choose white but it is a color that is less messy than the others, you should know that.

If you are ready to increase your budget for the acquisition of a Tesla Model 3, you will be able to choose other colors and other options, but we think this announcement makes sense for owners of thermal vehicles who want to take advantage of the best offer for a Tesla Model 3.

Finally, for all deliveries made before the end of 2022, the manufacturer agrees to offer 10,000 km of recharging on these Superchargers. We confirm that the offer can be combined. It is rather a beautiful package to put under the tree.

One last piece of advice: hurry up! The Tesla Model Y offer at €40,990 is already over. The stock is not indicated on the Tesla site but all of this should go quickly.

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