For Valentine’s Day, Microsoft will actually kill Internet Explorer 11

A few months ago, Microsoft announced the end of its Internet Explorer browser. Version 11, introduced in 2013 and still followed – the last update dates from October 2022 – has not been installed by default since June 15, 2022 but is still usable if it was present before this date. But in 2023, that will change.

? Internet Explorer will go from life to death this Wednesday

More exactly, currently, it is possible to manually download Internet Explorer 11 for the old OS (Windows 7) but under Windows 10 it is no longer offered and no longer installed by default. With the February 14, 2023 update, which will be related to Edge (Microsoft’s modern browser), the IE11 application will be completely disabled. This update will affect all versions of Windows 10 (Windows 11 does not come with Internet Explorer), Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 for businesses that have a follow-on security contract.

Microsoft also explains that references to the browser will be removed from the OS in June 2023 with an update to Windows 10. But of course, you can manually delete the shortcuts from February 2023, once IE11 is unusable. Don’t try to figure out the logic of two-step deactivation, there probably isn’t any.

Your favorite site with Internet Explorer 11.

Finally, the company recommends not uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 if some of your apps depend on Edge’s IE mode. This possibility derives from the rendering engine of the old browser, and uninstalling it makes the mode completely unusable. Microsoft also warns that this option will be supported until 2029.

A pizza to celebrate the end of Internet Explorer?

If you’re nostalgic for Internet Explorer, remember that the Speed ​​Rabbit chain is still selling the IE 8 Explorer pizza, delivered in 2009 to celebrate the release of version 8.


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