For the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft would consider offering a cheaper subscription with advertisements

Subscriptions with advertising begin to democratize gradually into the tech landscape. After Netflix and Disney+, it is Microsoft who consider offering a cheaper formula for its catalog of video games, the Xbox Game Pass. This rumor shared by the American media Windows Central is supported by the depositby the American company, on December 12, of a patent to spot when interactivity decreases in a game. The ideal period to broadcast advertising.

Towards a potential Xbox Game Pass formula at 3 euros per month?

Everything starts from the ResetEra forum in which a user introduces himself a comparative grid of a new subscription formula for Xbox Game Pass. According to Windows Central, a survey would have been sent to certain people to give their opinion on a less expensive service offer in exchange for cutting advertising before the launch of the games. The latter could cost 2.99 euros per monthagainst 9.99 euros per month for the classic version and 12.99 euros per month for the “ultimate” version.

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Comparative table

Screenshot: ResetEra.

According to the table, the Xbox Game Pass catalog could be a little less provided and games developed by Microsoft studios would only be available six months after their launch. A line, however, casts doubt on the veracity of this rumor. It is indicated that with the advertising subscription it would be possible to play online, while Microsoft currently offers Xbox Live Gold, a service at 6.99 euros per month to access features that require Internet access.

Microsoft’s new patent

Pending potential confirmation from the Redmond-based company, the media playful discovered a patent filed by Microsoft entitled “Provision of personalized content for a non-intrusive online gaming experience”. The latter presents a system that detects when there is a drop in activity and makes it possible to broadcast advertisements in games using cloud gaming technology or connected to the Internet. advertising content would be unique to each player.

Advertising display diagram

Schema: Microsoft.

Advertising display diagram

Schema: Microsoft.

Illustrated diagrams of advertising displayed on the barriers behind the goals during a football match or on billboards along the road of a racing game. If Microsoft assures that it is non-intrusive technologythe developers could still be called upon to guarantee a minimum number of inserts dedicated to the display of advertisements in their games.

For Microsoft, the arrival of a new subscription and a new way to include advertising in its services can be beneficial. As the tech giant unveiled its weakest growth since March 2017 at the end of October, Xbox sales grew 13%. As many customers in the Microsoft ecosystem as potential Xbox Game Pass buyers.

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