For the holidays, Apple TV+ offers the first season of four series

For the holidays, Apple’s streaming service invites you to discover part of its offer for free, with the first season of four self-service Apple TV+ series. The selection obviously varies from one country to another, but in France in any case, you will be able to watch the first seasons of Ted Lasso, morning glory, For all mankind and Tehran.

The four series whose first season is freely available on Apple TV+.

Apple regularly offers a season of its series to try to increase its number of subscribers. This festival operation takes place in several countries, with a selection of series obviously adapted, probably depending on the success of the programs. In the United States, for example, you can watch the beginning of bad sisters, Trying and Prehistoric Planetin addition to Ted Lasso and The morning show.

The offer is a priori valid until January 3, even if the French version of the service does not specify it. Remember that the prices of Apple TV + subscriptions increased this fall as for all Apple services, going from 4.99 to 6.99 € per month. Even if the exclusive content offered by Apple increases regularly, not sure that a promotion like this is enough to convince with such prices…

Apple increases the price of

Apple increases the prices of Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One ?

Either way, you won’t need to pay to view the holiday episodes. However, an Apple account is required to use Apple TV+, including for its freebies.


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