Following the disappearance of their owner, 90 cats arrive in a single shelter

Members of the Canadian Animal Task Force recently posted a call for help on Facebook. The reason ? 90 cats were admitted to their premises, following the death of their owner. Thanks to a tremendous outpouring of solidarity, everything is done to ensure their veterinary care and offer them a better life.

A large flow of felines has arrived at the Canadian Animal Study Group (CATF) in the middle of last November, as reported by the Radio Canada. The 90 hairballs were admitted to this association following the death of their owner, who lived in the south of the Canadian province of Alberta.

It was a member of his family who contacted the volunteers. He was unaware that so many cats lived under his roof. He then sent them to the good Samaritans of the association, who however did not expect to welcome so many of them!

A mass arrival that causes significant costs

Every one of them is going to need vet care…and that’s a huge cost » a declared RJ Bailot, executive director of the shelter. Indeed, all cats will have to be sterilized, and some must also receive dental care due to various pathologies.

This new veterinary bill is added to the long list of costs that the association has had to bear this year, but the volunteers are not giving up. ” Each of these cats deserves the opportunity to receive the care they need, and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens. » expresses himself RJ Bailot.

A tremendous surge of solidarity has been created

The members of the CATF then launched a call for donations on social networks, and it was a great success. ” Any help is welcome according to the volunteers, who have long thanked their many donors on their page Facebook.

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When the cats have received all the necessary care, they will be placed with animal welfare organizations across the province for adoption “. These cats are in good hands, and they will soon be able to fly on their own!


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