Foldable smartphone: Samsung in a sweat, here is a new competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip4

JVTech News Foldable smartphone: Samsung in a sweat, here is a new competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip4

On the occasion of its OPPO Inno Day 2022 event, the Chinese manufacturer OPPO presented two new foldable smartphones which will arrive on the market in 2023. One of them will be released in Europe, a first for this brand.

This is a prediction that we have been making since almost the beginning of 2022: 2023 will be the year in which the most foldable smartphones will land on the European market. The announcements are beginning to back up this speculation. Of course, Samsung will be back with new Galaxy Z models, and Google could finally unveil its Pixel Fold. This week, a new manufacturer has decided to enter the arena: it is OPPO.

Two new foldable smartphones from OPPO…

The Chinese manufacturer held its OPPO Inno Day 2022 a few days ago. A privileged moment to announce its projects for 2023. Among them are two foldable smartphones: the OPPO Find N2 on one side, and the OPPO Find N2 Flip on the other. Patients who, seen from afar, recall why the Samsung Galaxy Z range.

The OPPO Find N2 is a model witha 5.54-inch outer display and a foldable 7.1-inch center display. A small size that has something to appeal to those who find the terminals ever more cumbersome. Inside is a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1a 4520 mAh battery, 50 + 48 + 32 megapixel photo sensors, all designed in partnership with Hasselblad.

Only problem, this 5G Android smartphone will not be released in Europe. It is reserved for the Chinese market, but that will not be the case for the second model.

… But only one will be released in France

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is a foldable clamshell smartphone, or compact. On the front, the displays a screen of 3.26 inches while when you open it, it’s an OLED screen of 6.8 inches who is there. A more classic format, which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr 2022.

Foldable smartphone: Samsung in a sweat, here is a new competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip4

Inside is a processor MediaTek Dimension 9000+ which propels the whole, accompanied by a battery of 4300mAh. As far as the photo is concerned, we know that a sensor 50 megapixel Sony IMX890 is in the game, but OPPO has not yet revealed the rest of the terminal’s characteristics.

What we do know, however, is that the OPPO Find N2 Flip will indeed be released in France in 2023. As for the release date, if nothing seems fixed at the moment, the first quarter of 2023 is mentioned. On the price side, do not expect a revolution : the manufacturer implies that his smartphone will be in market standards. The time for the cheap foldable smartphone hasn’t arrived yet, but the fact that competition is growing should still help bring prices down in the years to come.

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