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On the evening of Wednesday, December 14, elements of the judicial police squad of the regional security zone of Fkih Ben Salah succeeded in arresting a 26-year-old person with numerous previous suspected involvement in a case linked to a robbery under the threat of a knife.

National Security Services reacted quickly and more accurately to a video posted on some pages of social media sites, showing the suspect and a second person exposing a trader to a robbery at gunpoint .

The intensive searches and investigations initiated by the police made it possible to identify the two suspects, before the arrest of one of them, Wednesday, December 14, in the district of Oulad Sidi Channan in the city of Fkih Ben Salah , as well as the seizure of a motorcycle and two cell phones from the proceeds of these criminal acts.

The search process for the suspect in the National Security database showed that he was the subject of national search warrants issued by the security services and the Royal Gendarmerie in Bani Melal and Fkih Ben Salah, for his involvement in the commission of similar crimes.

The suspect was kept under the measure of theoretical police custody, pending the search carried out under the control of the competent public prosecutor’s office to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances surrounding this case, as well as to identify the criminal acts attributed to him, while the search continues to arrest the second suspect.

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