Fitness Focus not working well with iOS 16

Concentration modes have expanded lately on iPhone. With iOS 16 Apple introduced the new “fitness” mode. The latter should activate automatically when launching a sports activity on iPhone or Apple Watch.

But several users have pointed out on the forums that the option works less well than announced by Apple.

If the problem persists, Apple recommends replacing the phone. This solution should resolve the bug in most cases. It is then advisable to delete the concentration mode before recreating it. This should solve the problem.

A bug without a solution?

Apple has not yet communicated on the bug that affects concentration mode since the arrival of iOS 16. The apple brand has published several patches since the arrival of this feature with iOS 15 without ever announcing it before. The option, which arrived a year ago on compatible iPhones, has long been presented by Apple.

The apple brand has been offering the “do not disturb” mode for years, but with the arrival of variants such as “rest” or even “time for yourself”, Apple gives the hand to the user who is the only master to edge. It is able to adjust which apps and who can send notifications.

Concentration modes: new in iOS 15

This hybrid solution allows you to focus on a task without having outside distractions, while knowing that the iPhone will ring if a really important message is received. This solution can also be configured with the “shortcuts” application.

In the iPhone settings application, it is possible to devote a daily schedule to a concentration mode so that the latter starts automatically. – Official App

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