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Many intelligent personal assistants are available on the market, but not all of them offer exactly the same performance. A video comparison revealed who is the most useful on a daily basis.

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In a new video, the famous youtubeur MKBHD has pitted different personal assistants to which we have access on our smartphones. We first find Google Assistantof the American company, but also Siri, available on Apple iPhones. They are accompanied by Bixbythe assistant of Samsung smartphones, but also ofAlexadesigned by Amazon.

Historically, Google Assistant has always been the most useful on our smartphones, but is that really still the case?

Who wins between Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Bixby?

MKBHD starts off their video by asking all the helpers questions about facts and the weather, and they all get away with it. Assistants must then program minutes, and it’s Siri who does the worst, since he’s the only one who can’t generate several minutes at a time. However, Apple does offer this feature on its Homepod and Apple Watch.

The four competitors are also all able to search on Google, but Google Assistant is more likely to present information better. When you ask your smartphone control assistant, it’s Google Assistant and Bixby that will generally do bestand Alexa often doesn’t know what to do.

Google Assistant
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Finally, the most important round: the conversational. This determines whether an assistant is able to follow a conversation, that is, to remember what you previously talked about. MKBHD, for example, asks the assistants where the Taj Mahal is located, then how high it is, to convert the figure into meters and to give the materials used for its construction. In this test, it is Google wins hands down, since he is always able to answer all questions. The other assistants mostly drop out after the first or second question.

Finally, when asked to search for pictures of dogs, the four devices behave differently. If Google Assistant and Siri search the web for dogs, Bixby searches for images in the user’s photo gallery. For his part, A.lexa doesn’t even answer the question.

The Youtubeur revealed himself by announcing that Google Assistant was by far the most useful, especially when you want to have a conversation with him. He also points out that Bixby performed surprisingly well. However, the second place was still awarded to Siri, which enjoys a major advantage, since it allows you to control the entire ecosystem of Apple. Bixby is only available on Samsung smartphones.

Alexa is dead last in this war of personal assistants

Alexa’s defeat isn’t much of a surprise. In effect, Amazon didn’t design its own smartphones, and therefore cannot offer an assistant as well integrated as its competitors, which makes it less intelligent. In addition, we recall that Amazon recently decided to put Alexa aside after its fall on the stock market. The assistant should therefore not be entitled to significant improvements in the coming months. It is also the one that collects the most data compared to its competitors, which will not please all users.

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Faced with these results, MKBHD then recommends not to lock oneself in the ecosystem of Amazonbut to also consider devices from other manufacturers that are compatible with more assistants.

However, this could soon no longer be a problem, thanks in particular to the arrival of the Matter protocol. As a reminder, this is a standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in collaboration with hundreds of other companies, including Google, Samsung, Apple and Amazon. The ultimate goal is to allow consumers to more easily customize and create their own smart home network without having to worry about which gadget works with which.

Recently, Amazon made 17 of its devices compatible with Matter. For its part, Google has brought the protocol to 8 of its devices. This new standard is likely to revolutionize the smart home in the coming months, so we are likely to hear a lot about it.

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