Fiber: Orange and Huawei achieve a transmission record of 157 Tbit/s

Orange and Huawei achieved a transmission of 157 Tbit/s on a fiber in the South-West of France. A new world record which the two companies are proud of today.

This is a new world record that Orange and Huawei have just achieved by testing transmission on a 120 km fiber network in the South West of France.

The two companies managed to achieve a transmission of 157 Tbit/s during a field test by exploiting the technologies of the Chinese manufacturer.

A conclusive test to ensure the sustainability of the current fiber network

Optical fiber continues to be produced in France to eventually be available in all homes and definitively replace ADSL. Orange has also specified its plan for the gradual closure of copper with the list of 162 municipalities which will soon be exclusively fiber.

But beyond the optical fiber that we have here, the players in the sector are increasing their experiments to prepare for the future uses of internet access technology. And during an internal test, Orange and Huawei reached a new speed record by achieving a transmission of 157 Tbit/s.

To do this, Huawei’s Super C + Super L solution capable of offering 12 THz of spectrum was put to use. It uses the C band (conventional wavelengths) and the L band (long wavelengths). And during the test carried out by Huawei with Orange, the total bandwidth was increased to 18 THz thanks to the use of technologies developed by Huawei in its R&D center in France, explains the firm in a press release.

A total of 240 wavelengths were employed to deliver a total throughput of 157 Tbit/s, based on the Chinese manufacturer’s advanced algorithm “on the probabilistic shaping of the constellation”.

“As traffic demand continues to increase, it is crucial to obtain more spectrum and therefore unlock more value from our existing assets. This is all the more important as the spectral efficiency of these optical systems reaches a theoretical limit. The results obtained during the field test prove the capacity of our fiber infrastructure to offer 50% more spectrum and therefore to meet two major challenges: the experience and the connectivity of our customers. »

Gilles Bourdon, vice-president fixed networks and infrastructures at Orange Innovation

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