Faced with fragile demand, Apple could reduce its production of iPhone 14

Apple seems to be having some issues with the production of its iPhone 14s. for these new smartphones do not follow exactly the trajectory planned by the company.

Three million fewer iPhones

According to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the company has revised its projections for the year 2022 and no longer fits “only” 87 million devices instead of the 90 million initially announced. The bulk of this coupe is, unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, which are selling less well than expected against the Pro models. Corridor rumors already evoked this slowdown a few weeks ago, but the figures published by Bloomberg provide a more precise idea of ​​the cuts made by Apple.

And while the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus fail to meet Apple’s growth targets, Bloomberg says competition in high-end and ultra-high-end mobiles is also hurting iPhone 14 Pro sales. and Pro Max.

A trough that spares no one

The inflationary context partly explains this dip in demand, which does not only concern Apple. But in the Apple firm’s case, this drop seems particularly pronounced in China, where the appetite for the brand’s new smartphones has been less than expected. An embarrassing finding when you know that the Middle Kingdom is the largest market in the world for the iPhone.

Caught between production difficulties and demand falling short of expectations, Apple is trying to adapt to this changing market. Don’t panic though, the firm still has a few billion in the coffers and still seems to be doing better than all the other smartphone manufacturers on the market.

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