Facebook will allow you to create up to 5 profiles with a single account

Facebook is currently testing the possibility of creating up to five profiles accessible on the social network, all from a single account. The social network thus wishes to encourage its users to personalize their profiles according to their specific interests, in line with what is done on Instagram and TikTok. No information on a deployment date has been released.

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While Facebook has never really prohibited its users from having multiple accounts, its strategy has so far not really encouraged this. Indeed, the will of the social network has always been the most exhaustive possible showcase of a person’s life and interests. But the Internet and the world of social networks have changed a lot in recent years, and Facebook is blatantly behind the competition.

Today, the era of personalization. Thus, it is not uncommon for a single person to manage several Instagram accounts, each with a specific editorial line. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, as the other said. Facebook took time to resign itself to it, but it seems that it is now chosen done. Indeed, the platform is currently testing the possibility of managing up to 5 accounts with a single profile.

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Facebook wants its users to create personalized profiles

According to the social network, it will be extremely simple to switch from one profile to another since it will only require a few clicks. The manipulation will thus probably be similar to that already in place on Instagram. With this novelty, Facebook wants to encourage its users to create profiles dedicated to their hobbies and passions. A single person could thus manage a profile on the trip, another on the tech and a last on the game, all from a single account.

M├ęta nevertheless specifies that the profiles must respect the general conditions of use of its platform. This will make it impossible to impersonate another person or post hateful content. The news comes at a troubled time for the social network, which lost daily users for the first time in its history earlier this year, as more and more users delete their accounts.

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