Facebook uses artificial intelligence to fire 60 people

Facebook used artificial intelligence to draw up a layoff plan. The algorithm chose 60 employees of its service provider Accenture. They were warned that they would no longer have work by videoconference. This workforce reduction plan at Facebook follows recent statements by Mark Zuckerberg who wants to optimize his teams with the most invested employees.

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Will your future human resources director be an algorithm? Like the power consumption of cars, the logistics flows of e-commerce or the texture of the skin on a photograph, the management of employees, some see the management of a company’s employees as an equation that must be balanced. Or as a financial data that must be optimized. And that’s why, what’s better than an artificial intelligence ?

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Meta and Accenture have taken the concept very far. The British daily Daily mail report in fact that a workforce reduction plan was carried out in August 2022 within the group of Mark Zuckerberg using artificial intelligence. This one had for but select the employees to be laid off. The plan only concerned Accenture teams working on Facebook in Austin, in the Texas premises of the social network. They were working on mediation and audience monetization.

60 people arbitrarily fired by artificial intelligence

60 people were thus selected by the computer program. The selection criteria were not communicated, even to the employees concerned. Indeed, the latter were informed of their sorting during a videoconference. When they asked to know the reason for their forced departure, the human resources officers simply explained that they were ” randomly chosen by the algorithm.

This workforce reduction plan took place a month and a half after the recent declarations of Mark Zuckerberg during the last presentation of the results of Meta. After announcing disappointing financial figures, the boss of the social network explained that he wanted to put in place tools to optimize his teams and separate, more or less quickly, from employees. no longer have their place ” in the group.

This new restructuring plan comes a few weeks after those of Netflix and Tesla. The first parted with 150 employees following the poor results of the company. And Elon Musk reduced his teams in the spring, fearing the negative effects of the regression announced by economists.

Source: Daily Mail

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