Facebook cleans up identifiers to avoid scraping

Facebook has just updated the “Facebook Identifiers” (FBID) in order to strengthen the security of its platform, but also to avoid the recovery of your data too easily.

The content on Facebook is all identified through an FBID, whether it’s your profile but also your photos, your videos or those of others. Everything is therefore linked to a unique identifier, which is not possible to guess and which is not consecutive.

Better protect against illegal access to your data

Tools are available to recover all this data automatically, which is called scraping. By bringing together data available from several sites, it is possible to create a large database of your information. This can then resell for a good price, especially when the data turns up from a network like Facebook with information about what you prefer.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, Meta – Facebook’s parent company – has decided to increase the security of a screen by allowing Pseudonymized Facebook Identifiers (PFBID) in order to make the collection much harder or even ineffective.

These pseudonymized IDs are created by mixing the FBID with a schedule to generate even more unique IDs. This will allow Facebook to make life much harder for scrapers, while increasing the security of your personal data.

According to Facebook, these new identifiers are not created to prevent software that removes Facebook trackers from working.

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