Facebook changes News Feed to display your friends’ posts in chronological order

Meta announced the introduction of a new “Feed” tab for mobile devices. This new tab will show content in chronological order, which can be filtered to show posts from friends, groups, and pages you follow.

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Facebook has announced that it is going back to basics and restoring a chronological News Feed to its app to make it easier for users to follow their friends’ posts. More than a decade after Facebook updated its patented News Feed to default to ” best stories rather than a chronological list of posts from friends and pages, the company is reinstating the ability to “ easily see the most recent posts from your friends, pages and groups “. Meta has also announced the same for Instagram in 2022.

The move is part of Facebook’s efforts to present users with more entertaining and recommended content, to become what co-founder Mark Zuckerberg called a “discovery engine,” and to better compete against rivals such as TikTok in terms of usage time and user attention. TikTok had recently become the No. 1 video app for Android and iOS, a spot that Facebook would love to occupy.

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Posts will be displayed in order again on Facebook

Facebook launches a new Feeds tab and renames its home page to Home on the app. Both tabs will be accessible from both iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app, where they will start appearing in the shortcut bar soon.

Facebook Feed 2
Credit: Meta

The Feeds tab will allow users to create a list of friends and pages that interest them and filter content that does not interest them, such as the publications offered for you. According to the press release, the aim is to give users “more options” to view and sort their content.

As for the Home tab, Facebook now positions it as ” a discovery engine that lets you find and follow new content and creators through recommendations “. So it will be the reverse of Feeds, where you will go ” to access content from people and communities you are already connected with “. The good news is that there will be no more content propose for you displayed in the middle of the publications of your loved ones. Facebook is rolling out all of these changes right now, and they should be coming to your app soon.

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